Seven Laws of Teaching

Seven Laws of Teaching

by John M. Gregory, Douglas Wilson (Foreword)
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 162 pages
Price: $14.00

"Teaching has its natural laws as fixed as the laws of the planets or of growing mechanisms," claims Gregory (1884). In this popular teacher's text, we learn how to ensure successful teaching. Great for classical educators.

When John Milton Gregory (1822-1898) first published The Seven Laws of Teaching in 1884, he called it "his offering on the altar of service to God and his fellowmen." However, in 1917, Gregory's "offering" was revised and theological references were excised from the work. This edition is the original unabridged text.

Foreword "The Seven Disciplines of Highly Effective Teachers" by Douglas Wilson
Evaluation Tools and Study Questions by Dr. Larry Stephenson
Don't miss this vital book for teachers! For decades, John Milton Gregory's The Seven Laws of Teaching has been an essential guide for classical educators everywhere, whether in schools, at home, in, co-ops, or online.Â
You've never seen an edition like this: In 1954, Baker Book House published a revised edition of the text that "abridged" much of the Christian content and emphasis: we've restored The Seven Laws of Teaching to its original 1886 text. Not only does your Canon Press version give the unabridged first edition text, but we've also added a number of invaluable tools not available anywhere else:
  • A powerful forward by Douglas Wilson, "The Seven Disciplines of Highly Effective Teachers,"
  • Study Questions after each chapter by Dr. Larry Stephenson
  • and five helpful appendices:
    • Appendix A: List of the Seven Laws of Teaching.
      Click here to download the list for free!
    • Appendix B: Self-Assessment Tool for Teachers by Dr. Stephenson
    • Appendix C: Sample Teacher Observation Form by Dr. Stephenson
      Administrators, click here to download a blank, printable Observation Form for free!
    • Appendix D: Answers to the Study Questions
    • Appendix E: Endnotes on Historical Figures

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