Seven Conflicts

Seven Conflicts

Resolving the Most Common Disagreements in Marriage

by Tim Downs, Joy Downs
Publisher: Moody Press
Trade Paperback, 297 pages
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Nothing keeps an argument going like two people who aren't sure what they're arguing about.

Are there conflicts in your marriage that you seem to revisit over and over again? Are there topics that always seem to cause a disagreement? Are there areas of your marriage that you avoid like a marital minefield?

The Seven Conflicts reveals seven hidden issues that are the underlying cause of most of the conflict in married life:

  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Order
  • Openness
  • Connection

When a couple approaches these seven issues from different perspectives, it leads to conflicts that just don't seem to go away. In The Seven Conflicts, you will learn why:

  • Disagreements over money are often not about money at all, but Security.
  • In-law arguments are really questions of Loyalty: Whose side are you on, anyway?
  • Major conflicts begin over the question of Responsibility: What should we do?
  • The secret to Caring is found in the words Awareness and Initiative.
  • Your biggest conflicts are about the way you disagree.
  • Some conflicts will never go away—but you can learn to love each other in spite of them and have a great marriage!

The Seven Conflicts will help you identify where you and your mate stand in relation to each of the seven issues—and to each other. This accessible, practical guide will enable you to understand your mate's true motives, put your differences in perspective, anticipate areas of disagreement, and learn to live and love as committed partners.

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