Seven Chinese Sisters

Seven Chinese Sisters

by Kathy Tucker, Grace Lin (Illustrator)
Reprint, ©2003, ISBN: 9780807573105
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
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Historical Setting: China

Once there were seven Chinese sisters who lived together and took care of each other. Each one had a special talent. When baby Seventh Sister is snatched by a hungry dragon, her loving sisters race to save her.

PreS-Gr. 2. Good old-fashioned storytelling distinguishes Tucker's thoroughly engaging tale of courage, individual talent, and teamwork. Each of the seven Chinese sisters has a noteworthy skill: the eldest rides a scooter as fast as the wind; the second knows karate; the third can count to 500 and beyond; the fourth can talk to dogs; the fifth can catch any ball; the sixth cooks delicious noodle soup. The baby's talents are as yet undiscovered. One day, a hungry red dragon from a faraway mountain smells the soup and flies straight to the sisters' house. Distracted by plump Seventh Sister, he snatches her and steals her away (Her first word is "HELP!"). Then the sisters kick into action, each utilizing her unique talent in the rescue mission (especially amusing is the fourth sister's using dog talk to communicate with the dragon). Lin, of Dim Sum for Everyone! (2001), expertly captures the drama and humor of the story with delightful paintings that reveal lovely Chinese landscapes and a quirky, not-too-scary dragon. A wonderful read-aloud. Karin Snelson
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