Serrated Edge

Serrated Edge

A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking

by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 121 pages
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Satire is a kind of preaching.

Satire pervades Scripture.

Satire treats the foibles of sinners with a less than perfect tenderness.

But if a Christian employs satire today, he is almost immediately called to account for his "unbiblical" behavior. Yet Scripture shows that the central point of some religious controversies is to give offense. When Christ was confronted with ecclesiastical obstinacy and other forms of arrogance, he showed us a godly pattern for giving offense.

In every controversy, godliness and wisdom (or the lack of them) are to be determined by careful appeal to the Scriptures and not to the fact that people have taken offense. Perhaps they ought to have taken offense, and perhaps someone ought to have endeavored to give it.

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  Are We More Christian Than Christ?
Miss Pickwickian of Oregon, 1/11/2011
An apology for being unapologetic.

Doug Wilson is not afraid of giving offense, but like all issues this should be brought back to the Bible. What does it say?

The chief concern of "A Serrated Edge" is the love and reverence we show to the King of Kings and His Word. How does loving the Lord our God with all our minds and all our hearts, and our neighbor as ourselves play out in this area?

Doug Wilson gives a good case for using satire and uses multiple examples from Scripture. The style is engaging and humorous.
He shows how it is appropriate as well as giving great caution... Jesus was no "saint" when it came to satire. His favorite opponent was the pharisees who were pretty sure they were the holiest of them all.
This whole issue is obviously an area for wisdom.

If Wilson's style and wit has offended you or if you feel guilty when you laugh at it, I strongly suggest this book!