Sergeant York and the Great War

Sergeant York and the Great War

His Own Life Story and War Diary

by Alvin C. York, Tom Skeyhill (Editor)
Publisher: My Father's World
Trade Paperback, 225 pages
Price: $22.00

Historical Setting: France, WWI

There was a time when Sergeant Alvin C. York was a household name in America. After World War I, this relatively unknown Tennessee soldier was thrust into the annals of history. People wanted to know all about the shy, quiet Christian soldier who "captured the whole German army." Yet, in one short generation, this remarkable man has been forgotten, in large part because the values he stood for have been discarded by those who educate our nation's children. Sergeant York was a man with such a simple, unflappable, child-like faith that he trusted God while looking death in the eye. Children who read this book will have an opportunity to imagine what it was like to trust God in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds.

If you have a chance to hear the audio book, read in brilliant southern drawl by Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler, take it!

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