Sequential Spelling - Student Response Book

Sequential Spelling - Student Response Book

Sequential Spelling
by Don McCabe
Staplebound, 64 pages
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This notebook is the only consumable element in the Sequential Spelling program. It has three columns per page, but each page is numbered such that children are never writing their lists on the same page two days in a row—this prevents comparison or copying of word elements from the previous day. Thus, the first day's list is on page 3, the second day's list on page 5, the third day's list on page 7, etc. The same book is used for all levels of the program.

Although not absolutely essential, it is a great convenience and does work as an integral part of Sequential Spelling. The AVKO Student Response Book works with all seven levels of Sequential Spelling. Each day has room for the 25 words that are presented in each day of the Sequential Spelling series. One response book is used for each level of Sequential Spelling for each child.

Though one could absolutely use simple lined paper to write the lessons in, the AVKO Student Response Book saves time and paper by already having the numbers and lines printed out, in a compact and neat book. Organize all of your spelling in one simple book. More importantly, the response book is set up so that the student cannot use the previous day's words as a mental crutch because they cannot see the previous day's words. The student actually goes through the book six times front to back — the student flips the page between lessons. E.g., for the first 30 lessons, the student uses the middle column of the right-hand pages then flips back to the beginning of the book. For the next 30 lessons, the student uses the middle column of the left-hand pages.

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