Senior High

Senior High

A Home-Designed Form+U+La

by Barb Shelton
Perfectbound, 428 pages
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The tendency at the high school level is, as one homeschool mom said, to "just buckle down, take the textbooks by the horns and just DO it!" But as this mom sadly added: "The joy went right out the window!"

For those just starting out, and even for seasoned homeschoolers who, up until high school, have taken a more creative approach, this book is oozing with inspiration and practical help for homeschooling through high school. Barb Shelton's animated personality is obvious in her very conversational writing style, as she opens her life, her heart, and her mind to you and provides you with tons of ideas for:

  • record-keeping
  • translating real-life learning into senior high classes and credits
  • setting up your own high school Master Framework Plan
  • setting up a student notebook
  • grading creatively
  • making transcripts
  • designing diplomas
  • and much more!

Barb wants to help you meet requirements, but she also wants you to focus on God's purposes. General requirements should serve you, rather than drive you to fruitless learning. In her book, she also provides learning guides for many subject areas, and many, many forms to use as bouncing-off points. (Just look below for a few samplers of what she provides!)

She makes the brief statement in her book that she wrote this for parents who wanted to know what she was doing for her daughter's high school, and how she was doing it. She is well aware of its flaws and knows that it will not appeal to or meet the needs of everyone. You may think she could use an editor, but, then again, you may feel like you have found a friend for life.

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  Senior High: A Home Designed Form + U +la
Bonnie Schneidau of Oregon, 10/17/2008
I found this book very helpful when I started into the High School Years. One way was to show me how to use the seminars and other extra curriculum things that my children were involved in as school credit. I had them do a short paper or report that told what they had learned from from their experience. Another was it showed some real good ideas for creatively studing the Bible. Using it as the textbook when learning vocabulary which affects their personal growth. Example: Armor of God. This book also has some good suggestions for keeping in mind Real-Life Learning Skills not just school for school sake. For example the skills your son may learn as he or she helps his dad work on the Car, or the skills your daughter learns in the kitchen or at the sewing machine. These Skills are important Life Skills. The book also has good charts and graphs for keeping track of your transcripts.