Seminole Indians

Seminole Indians

by Sonia Bleeker
1967 Printing, ©1954, Item: 34272
Hardcover, 156 pages
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The word Seminole means "people who go to another country." When the Creek Indians of Alabama and Georgia began to migrate to Florida two hundred years ago, that became their new name. This is the story of their travels and wars and their life in the Florida forests and swamps.

The events of the early chapters are seen through the eyes of Little Owl, a boy patterned after the Seminole hero Osceola, the account of whose later life and death follows historical fact. Little Owl is fascinated by the swamps and waterways, the herons and alligators of his new home. He watches the hollowing out of dugout canoes and the building of palmetto-thatched, open-walled huts, called chickees. There is a kind of enchantment about this soft-aired land so different from his old home.

The tragic history of the Seminole Wars is followed by an account of the forced removal of thousands of Seminole from Florida to lands beyond the Mississippi. The book ends with a sober but hopeful picture of the hundreds of Seminole still living in Florida today.

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