Selection from The Canterbury Tales

Selection from The Canterbury Tales

by Selina Hastings, Reg Cartwright (Illustrator)
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The Canterbury Tales, one of the greatest narrative poems in the English language, was written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the late fourteenth century and consists of twenty-four tales told by a group of pilgrims as they journey from London to Canterbury Cathedral. Selina Hastings has selected seven of the tales and retold them for young readers in modern prose with consummate skill and sensitivity. The tales, notable for the vigor of both characters and plot, are as diverse in style and subject as the pilgrims themselves: the rascally Miller's tale, full of rowdy humor and intrigue; the Knight's romantic tale of chivalry; the Pardoner's tale that relates a moral anecdote about three hooligans' deaths in a heap of gold. Reg Cartwright's superb paintings powerfully evoke the robust flavor of medieval England and bring The Canterbury Tales vividly to life for today's children.

Table of Contents


The Scene at the Tabard

The Knight
The Knight's Tale

The Miller
The Miller's Tale

The Reeve
The Reeve's Tale

The Nun's Priest
The Nun's Priest Tale

The Pardoner
The Pardoner's Tale

The Wife of Bath
The Wife of Bath's Tale

The Franklin
The Franklin's Tale


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