Seek the Dark Gold

Seek the Dark Gold

A Story of the Scots Fur Traders

Land of the Free series
by Jo Evalin Lundy, Edward Shenton (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
©1951, Item: 87069
Library Rebind, 244 pages
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Historical Setting: New York to Oregon, 1810s

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Here, rich in clan tradition, is a story of the contribution of the stouthearted Scotsmen to a young and growing America. It was the wild lure of fur in the Northwest that drew Hugh MacGregor into the hills of Oregon with a group of traders. The report that went back to Albany of his death by drowning was sorrowfully accepted by all the MacGregors except Hugh's younger brother, Alan.

Partly for the adventure of fur trading, but more to seek out his brother, young Alan left Albany in 1810 with the ship Tonquin of the Pacific Fur Company. He sailed only after his mother's misgivings had been calmed by the persuasive John Jacob Astor, head of the company that was sending these brave Scotsmen to the mouth of the Columbia River to establish a trading center.

The whys and hows of fur-trading along the famed Columbia River, frightening escapades in the Indian-infested wilderness of Oregon, and deadly struggle with the rival Northwest Fur Company surround the adventures of Alan as he slowly tracked their source the weird tales of the red-headed savage. In a powerfully emotional climax, Alan proved his mettle as a MacGregor and as a man!

—From the dust jacket

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