Secrets in Stone

Secrets in Stone

All About Maya Hieroglyphs

by Laurie Coulter, Sarah Jane English (Illustrator)
Perfectbound, 48 pages
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Unlocking the secret of Mayan hieroglyphics was a long and painstaking process, lasting well over a hundred years. Europeans rediscovered early Mayan cities in the 1840s, and their bafflement at the ancient system of writing began a scholarly process that didn't have its final breakthrough until the mid-1970s.

Coulter describes clearly and concisely how the mystery was unraveled, while the colorful, well-laid-out pages add appeal with plenty of photographs and stylized drawings that suggest Mayan art. Ideas for crafts, activities and even a party run along the page bottoms. Also explained are the Maya civilization's number system and complex calendar. A time line, short glossary, and short bibliography (of mostly adult books) are appended.

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