Secret of the Crazy Quilt

Secret of the Crazy Quilt

by Florence Hightower, Beth Krush (Illustrator), Joe Krush (Illustrator)
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover, 232 pages
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Prospects were totally grim for the summer of 1926, as Jerry (that's short for Jerusha) and her younger brother, Freddy, headed for "The Haven" to stay with Grandfather and Aunt Edith. The Haven was a huge, old house overlooking the ocean on the coast of Massachusetts, and when Grandmother was alive it had been a wonderful place. Now she was dead, and with her went the warmth and laughter of all the other summers.

But The Haven held a secret. The discovery of an old quilt, ugly and somehow frightening, provided a look into the past and slowly revealed a story of evil, a story locked away for years in the mind of Jerry's grandmother.

Many things happened that summer, none of them dull. There were also many mysteries, and not all of them were solved. The story of the crazy quilt is about Prohibition and rumrunning, a shoot-out in the cove, clandestine activities, and strange disappearances. It's about a time that everyone involved would remember and wonder about for years to follow. And its story isn't finished until 1943 when, through their combined narratives, ferry and her Aunt Edith finally try to sort out the facts and find out what really happened that eventful summer.

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