Secret Agents Four

Secret Agents Four

by Donald J. Sobol
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Trade Paperback, 133 pages
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Donald J. Sobol, author of the popular Encyclopedia Brown books, tickles his reader's curiosity (and funny bone) in this hilarious tale of friendship, ingenuity, and smashing achievement. We meet Ken Mullins and his three buddies Orv, Horseshoes and Bo, who unexpectedly find themselves forming a detective squad—V.A.C.U.U.M. (Volunteer Agents Crusading Unsteadily Under Mongoose). Assisted by Mary Evans, the girl expert in karate and "Beautiful Assistant Gangbuster" (her title: V.A.C.U.U.M. B.A.G.), they are soon thrown between the nefarious "Cobra" gang (which is threatening the entire city of Miami for high stakes) and "Mongoose," the sleepy-seeming good guys. Now the fun begins: vintage cars, a World War I De Havilland airplane, island escapades, a sinister weapon and a constantly twisting plot keep the reader breathless between suspense and laughter. A well-written and enjoyable addition to Bethlehem Books' Adventure Library.

Ka-Boom! We all knew it was going to an exciting summer because Orv Davy got off to such a fast start.

Orv is Dade City's top boy inventor. His first explosion occurred the very afternoon school let out. The boiler of his snow remover invention blew up.

My name is Ken Mullins. Inventing with Orv is the best way I know to stay in shape for track. You can never be sure when you're going to have to jump, or how far.

When the smoke from the explosion cleared, I saw a strange man standing by Orv's back door.

I hadn't heard him approach. With pieces of concrete hitting garbage cans and trees, and things flying seven ways at once, it's not easy to hear footfalls. Besides, I had a feeling the man could sneak up on a panther. He tickled my curiosity. Usually a person wandering into the Davy backyard for the first time doesn't stay. He takes one look and lights out for home holding his head.

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