The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark

by Gail Karwoski, James Watling
Trade Paperback, 183 pages
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Historical Setting: Louisiana Purchase, 1804-1806 A. D.

That night a massive buffalo bull blundered into camp. Spooked by the campfires, the bull searched frantically for an escape, swerving wildly from side to side. Its hooves came within inches of sleeping men's' heads. Hearing the noise, Seaman barked in warning and dashed after the bull. Growling and nipping at its legs, Seaman drove the buffalo out of camp. Miraculously, not a single person had been injured.

"No story from our nation's history is more enduring—or exciting—than the epic saga of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In this well-researched and finely written book for young readers, Gail Karwoski brings the story back to life through the expedition's most unlikely and endearing hero: Lewis's brave and loyal companion, Seaman, the first dog to cross the continent." —Dayton Duncan

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