Scottish Chiefs

Scottish Chiefs

by Jane Porter
Publisher: CreateSpace
Trade Paperback, 504 pages
Price: $14.95

"But did the clouds rain fire, and the earth open beneath me, I would not stir; for I know Who planted me here; and as long as He wills me to stand, neither men nor devils can move me hence!" — William Wallace In 1296, the nobles of Scotland, together with their weak King Baliol, placed Scotland under the tyrannical rule of King Edward I of England. This led to a fierce struggle for Scottish independence (1296-1305)—led by the brave valor and heroic feats of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Originally written in 1810, during the romantic era, The Scottish Chiefs has been considered one of the greatest historical novels ever written and still remains a popular book today.


Scottish Chiefs was first published in England in 1809 and became enormously popular throughout all of Europe.

This sweeping epic depicts the 1296-1305 rebellion of the Scots against the tyrannical King Edward, a rebellion led by the gallant Sir William Wallace, Edward's "equal in all things but a crown and his superior in being true to unblemished honor." The heroic adventures of Wallace as he fights to return Robert the Bruce to the throne of Scotland and restore peace to his homeland will enthrall a new generation of readers.

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