Scientist's Apprentice

Scientist's Apprentice

by Hilary Welliver
Publisher: Bright Ideas Press
Trade Paperback, 200 pages
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This exciting, complete one-year science curriculum is presented in an easily understandable manner and is just as easy to use. Introductory information for the teacher provides guidance. Experiments, games, crafts, recipes, writing, songs and more are used to reach different learning styles. Orderly thinking skills (based on the scientific method) are reinforced throughout.

Use the recommended student notebook approach as you spend eight weeks on each of four topics: Astronomy, Anatomy, Earth Science, Oceanography.

Reproducible pages and a pleasing layout make this a practical choice for busy homeschooling moms. Teach multi-grade levels at the same time. More interesting than a text and easier than creating your own study, the work's been done for you! Pbk. 200 pages. One year. K-6th

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