Science in the Age of Reason - Oldest Student Notebook

Science in the Age of Reason - Oldest Student Notebook

by Dr. Jay Wile
Publisher: Berean Builders
Price: $24.95

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Berean Builders science books offer comprehension and thought questions throughout and make this notebook available as a download for free. For kids who dislike putting pencil to paper, these "Oldest Student Notebooks" provide pre-written exercises and reflection questions for each lesson in the student text; offering a great way to reinforce lesson content and create a record of what students have learned. In the text, the "oldest" students are instructed to do the "older" question as well as the "oldest" question, and this notebook provides both assignments (sometimes with slight alterations).

The notebooking pages feature writing-based questions that ask students to explain their reasoning or the concepts they're studying, some drawing exercises, graphs & charts, and research-based questions. "Challenge Lessons" will have students make their own notebooking pages.

Geared towards student in grades 4-6 (for younger kids, see the "older student" notebook, sold separately).

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