Science: Earth and Space - Teacher Edition

Science: Earth and Space - Teacher Edition

Includes lesson plans/selected answers

Publisher: A Beka Books
2nd Edition, ©2020, Publisher Catalog #321699
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Open your 8th grader’s eyes to the wonders of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and more with our Science: Earth and Space Teacher Edition Volumes 1 and 2—Revised! This special teacher’s edition is fully equipped with a scope and sequence for the course, daily lesson plans, and teaching notes for each chapter. The scope and sequence helps you plan ahead by giving you an overview of the science course. Each lesson plan includes sections such as “Preparation” and “Teaching Procedure” that allow you to spend less time planning and more time teaching. The teaching notes include chapter overviews, lab notes, in-class activity ideas, section review answers, and additional information to enrich your lessons. These volumes cover chapters 1-12 of Science: Earth and Space.

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