Science 5 - Student Activity Answer Key

Science 5 - Student Activity Answer Key

4th Edition, ©2014, Publisher Catalog #507509
Consumable Workbook, 204 pages
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See BJU Elementary Science series description for full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

Science 5 teaches students to think about science in light of the Creation Mandate. As students learn about minerals, fossils, matter, light, weather, ecosystems, and the human body, they will learn to appreciate the Creator as well as their own role in the world. Students will learn to apply scientific knowledge to Christian living. They will also develop science-process skills by participating in hands-on activities and projects. The Activity Manual includes pages from Answers in Genesis that tackle the clash between Christian belief and secular science. Answer Key is included in the Science 5 Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed.).

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