Science 2 - Teacher Edition (old)

Science 2 - Teacher Edition (old)

4th Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #502724
Spiralbound, 272 pages
List Price: $67.22 Our Price: $45.70

See BJU Elementary Science series description for full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

Guide your students in becoming scientists through a study of what scientists do. Your students will study living things, plants, environments, fossils, and dinosaurs, parts of the earth, natural resources, how the earth moves, light and shadows, how things move, heat, and the systems of the body. Science process skills are developed by participating in hands-on activites and projects.

Teacher's Edition with CD—one semester's worth of lessons; includes discussion guides, easy-to-do demonstrations and activities, cross-curricular links, rubrics, research and project ideas; CD contains information for science fairs, reproducibles (some in color).

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