Science 1 - Student Textbook

Science 1 - Student Textbook

by Candace Levesque
4th Edition, ©2019, Publisher Catalog #525550
Softcover Textbook, 272 pages
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See BJU Elementary Science series description for full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

Science 1 Student Edition (4th Edition) introduces the student to what science is and what scientists do. It provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, captioned photographs, illustrations, and diagrams as well as special interest boxes. Each reading section ends with a Quick Check question to assess student understanding. The first chapter lays a foundation for the biblical worldview that is emphasized in the course. It also contains an introduction to each Investigation, Exploration, and STEM activity. Through these inquiry-based activities, the student has the opportunity to apply foundational science process skills to develop orderly approaches to problem solving. It includes a glossary and index.

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