Science 1 - Student Activities

Science 1 - Student Activities

4th Edition, ©2019, Publisher Catalog #508838
Consumable Workbook, 232 pages
Price: $38.33

See BJU Elementary Science series description for full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

Science 1 Student Activities (4th Edition) engages the student through reinforcement, enrichment, review, and inquiry-based activities. The student will gain an understanding of the concepts taught by experiencing science. The Bible verses used in each chapter are written out for the student in the Activities book. Investigations, Explorations, and STEM activities reinforce and explore the topics discussed. Reinforcement pages include the use of pictures and questions as well as graphic organizers to strengthen the studentsâ understanding. Each chapter includes study guides to provide systematic review of key concepts and to prepare the student for the chapter assessment. Included in the study guides are Write About It application questions. Enrichment pages provide differentiated learning opportunities.

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