School Days with the Millers

School Days with the Millers

Miller Family Series
by Mildred A. Martin
Trade Paperback, 159 pages
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24 excellent family reading stories which will make your children laugh, touch their hearts, and learn Biblical principles that apply to everyday life. Whether your children attend public school, Christian school, or home school, they will find much to learn in these stories. Read about Peter and the "in-thing" (peer pressure), The Five-Dollar Glove (keeping your promises), the Wrath of Man (God's power over those who resist His will) and 21 more stories.


1) Laura's First Day
2) Faithful in the Least
3) Nothing But Goat Feed
4) The Dreadful Paul
5) The Wrath of Man
6) The Field Trip
7) The Five-Dollar Glove
8) The "Backwards" Boy
9) A Stitch in Time
10) What Would Jesus Do?
11) My Heart Says Amen
12) What's In a Name
13) The "Two-Faced Apples"
14) The Substitute Teacher
15) "Friendly Four" No More
16) Just the Way I Am
17) Peter and the In-Thing
18) Families
19) Flowers for Sister Margie
20) One More Ball
21) The Cough Drop
22) School Days in Belize
23) Under His Wings
24) Report Card Day

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