Saxon Physics - Home Study Kit

Saxon Physics - Home Study Kit

Publisher: Saxon Publishers
1st Edition, ISBN: 9781565772014
Curriculum Bundle
Price: $190.00

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Physics was written with both average and gifted students in mind. The subject is taught at an introductory level, allowing the average high school student to grasp the concepts of Newton's laws, statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, optics, dc circuits, waves, electromagnets, and special relativity. The topics are covered in a depth appropriate for college students majoring in non-engineering disciplines. Consequently, gifted students who use this book will have great success with the Advanced Placement physics examination, and average students who are willing to do the homework should also be able to pass. The book does not require that the teacher have a background in physics. Any teacher who has taught second year Algebra (especially Saxon's Algebra 2) can teach this successfully. We've even heard it recommended that you use this at the same time as the Advanced Math! (100 lessons)

The student edition contains answers to the odd numbered questions; the Home Study Packet is also included.

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