Saxon Math Middle Grade Basic Facts Cards

Saxon Math Middle Grade Basic Facts Cards

by Stephen Hake, John H. Saxon
Publisher: Saxon Publishers
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These flashcards are unique in a couple of ways. First, they come in a book, 10 problems per page, printed on durable cardstock pages which are perforated for ease of separation. Second, instead of offering simply the answer of the problem on the back of each card, they offer the answer in the form of the reverse operation. In other words, if the question is "5 + 5," the answer is shown as "10 - 5." Thus, the answer is given while at the same time reinforcing the fact that subtraction is the reverse operation of addition. The same goes for multiplication/division.

The biggest disadvantage to these cards is the limited number of facts they work with. Addition/subtraction works from 0 + 0 to 9 + 9 (18 - 9), and multiplication division works from 0 x 0 to 10 x 12 (120 ÷ 12).

(Please note: if you've bought the workbooks for Saxon grades 1-3, these are the same thing as the included flashcards, but bound.)

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