Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives

Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives

Publisher: Saxon Publishers
1st Edition, ©2001, ISBN: 9780547317168
Price: $138.60

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Manipulatives are an essential element of the Saxon K-3 program. Each teacher manual contains a lesson-by-lesson list of all necessary materials.

Kit Contents:






2-color Counters 10     x  
Balance (stacking or bucket) 1 x x x  
Color Tiles/1-inch (4 colors) 100     x x
Double-9 Dominoes (set of 55) 1 set x      
Geoboards (w/geobands) 2 x x x  
Hundred Number Chart (laminated) 1   x x x
MathLink Cubes 100 x x    
Pattern Blocks (plastic) 100 x x x x
Rulers (12 inch/30 cm) 2   x x x
Student Clock 2 x x x x
Tangrams (set of 4, 28 pieces) 1 set x   x  
Teddy Bear Counters/1-inch 48 x      


Required Manipulatives
(Not Included In Kit):


Number Line 1
Demonstration Clock 1
Geometric Solids (set of 6) 1 set
Meter stick/Folding (inch/cm) 1
Thermometer/Outdoor 1

These manipulatives work with the:

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