Saxon Math 3 - Home Study Kit

Saxon Math 3 - Home Study Kit

Publisher: Saxon Publishers
Curriculum Bundle
Price: $275.55

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Students in the third grade build on the lessons learned in the previous books, and master all basic multiplication and division facts; they will add, subtract, multiply and divide with combinations of single- and multi-digit numbers; work with negative numbers and fractions; learn to measure perimeter and area; tell time to the minute and learn to determine elapsed time; count money and make change for a dollar; continue work with basic geometry; continue learning about graphs; and more. (140 lessons)


Manipulatives needed:

  • Student clocks (2 needed)*
  • Plastic pattern blocks (set of 100)*
  • Hundred board (double-sided)*
  • Ruler (inch/cm)*
  • Two-color counters (ten is sufficient)*

* These are included in the K-3 Manipulative Kit

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