Saxon Algebra 1/2 - Home School Bundle with Teacher CD

Saxon Algebra 1/2 - Home School Bundle with Teacher CD

Publisher: Saxon Publishers
3rd Edition, Item: 33109
Curriculum Bundle
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Algebra 1/2 covers all topics normally covered in pre-algebra as well as additional topics from geometry and discrete mathematics. Students completing the program should be well-versed in fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, signed numbers, numbers in base 2, arithmetic operations involving all these types of numbers, order of operations, percents, proportions, ratios, divisibility, rounding, place value, unit conversions, scientific notation, and word problems involving these concepts. Rudimentary algebra is introduced. The student edition includes odd numbered answers; the Home Study Packet, which is the complete answer key and tests, is also included in this kit.


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Text Table of Contents
Lesson 17 page 1
Lesson 17 page 2
Test 23
Answer Key

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