Melendy Quartet #1
by Elizabeth Enright
Reissue, ©2008, ISBN: 9780312375980
Trade Paperback, 272 pages
List Price: $7.99 Sale Price: $6.79

The Saturdays (1941) is a children's novel by the award-winning author Elizabeth Enright. It is the first of her four books about the Melendy family, followed by The Four-Story Mistake, Then There Were Five, and Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze. It tells of the adventures of the four Melendy children, who pool their allowances and take turns having adventures in pre-World War II New York City.

The four Melendy children live with their father, a widowed professor of economics, and Cuffy, their beloved housekeeper, in a brownstone in New York City. There's thirteen-year-old Mona, who has her heart set on becoming an actress; twelve-year-old mischievous Rush, who plays the piano; ten-year-old Miranda "Randy" who loves to dance and paint; and thoughtful Oliver, who is six.

Tired of wasting Saturdays doing nothing but wishing for larger allowances, the four Melendys jump at Randy's idea to start the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club (I.S.A.A.C.). If they pool their resources and take turns spending the whole amount, they can each have at least one memorable Saturday afternoon of their own. Before long, I.S.A.A.C. is in operation and every Saturday is definitely one to remember. Each Melendy child is able to do exactly what he or she pleases, discovering new ideas along the way. Randy becomes friends with an old lady who was once kidnapped by gypsies, Rush brings home a stray dog, and Mona shocks her family by taking her first step toward adulthood. But when Oliver wants to be out on his own, too, the rest of the family has second thoughts.

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  Loved It!
Ten- year- old book lover of Charleston, S.C., 7/11/2016
The Saturdays is a great start to the Melendy Quartet. It is very well written, and the four siblings in the story are very nice to each other.