Sandra Markle

Sandra Markle
Born on November 10, 1946, in Fostoria, Ohio, Markle later graduated from Bowling Green State University and became a teacher.  Having taught elementary and middle school children until 1979, Markle then ventured into the world of writing.  This author of over 100 non-fiction books on various science topics makes science concepts intriguing and understandable to her readers.  A talent on local television shows about science, Markle has also helped create science shows for CNN and PBS.  Markle was honored as a chosen writer to go to Antarctica in 1996 and 1998.  In 1996 she produced an online interactive program from that continent and several books emerged from her trips.

An award-winning author, teacher, and science education consultant, Markle strives to create ways to improve the way science is learned.  She worked for the National Science Foundation on a project to enhance student comprehension and retention of science facts and concepts through interactive activities.  The end result was called Kit & Kaboodle which is now used in all 50 states and in countries around the world.  Markle continues to pursue her love of science and shares her experiences with children in the classrooms she visits.

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Animals Robert Scott Saw
by Sandra Markle
from Chronicle Books
for Kindergarten-3rd grade
in 20th Century Exploration (Location: HISW-20EXP)
$4.00 (1 in stock)
Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs
by Sandra Markle
from Millbrook Press
for 5th-7th grade
in Ecology (Location: SCI-ECO)
by Sandra Markle
for 3rd-6th grade
in Insects & Arachnids (Location: SCI-BUG)
$5.50 (2 in stock)
Mother's Journey
by Sandra Markle
Reprint from Charlesbridge
for 1st-3rd grade
in Birds (Location: SCI-BIRD)
Outside and Inside Spiders
by Sandra Markle
from Atheneum
for 2nd-4th grade
in Insects & Arachnids (Location: SCI-BUG)
$5.00 (2 in stock)
Science Surprises
by Sandra Markle
from Scholastic Inc.
for 4th-7th grade
in Science Experiments & Activities (Location: SCI-EXP)
$2.00 (1 in stock)