San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay

A Pictorial Maritime History

by John Haskell Kemble
Publisher: Bonanza Books
1978 Reissue, ©1957, ISBN: 9780517016985
Hardcover, 194 pages
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The subject of this book is San Francisco Bay in the broad sense: The lower reaches of the Sacramento and San Joaquin, as well as the Napa River and Petaluma Creek, San Pablo and Suisun Bays, and San Francisco Bay…San Francisco itself, ports around the bay and on the rivers, the growth of shipbuilding, transportation on the bay and rivers by local craft, and the deep water and coastal vessels which frequented the bay are some of the many phases of happenings and events that are covered. The maritime connections of Sacramento and Stockton have always been important and they are fully treated.

Since its discovery over two hundred years ago, this bay and estuary of magnificent proportions has attracted the attention and interests of visitors and residents alike and, in the period since its discovery, an increasing number of graphic representations of it and of the activities on and around it has collected. The over three hundred and fifty illustrations contained in this volume represents, not fortuitous finds, but a selection of a portion of those available.

Of the pictures included here, the selection has been made with a factual realistic standard rather than an artistic one. First choice, where more than one picture of the same object was available, went to the contemporary illustration. These illustrations, with introductory text and extensive captions, present the maritime history of the San Francisco Bay area from its first recognized discovery by the Spaniard, Gaspar de Portola, in 1769 (expeditions were near the bay in 1542-43 - Cabrillo, 1578 - Francis Drake, and 1602 - Vizcaino) to the rapid rise of San Francisco during the period of the Gold Rush - its growth and development to its present position as one of the great ports of the world.

–From the dust jacket

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