Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy

Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy

The Gospel According to Jonah

The Gospel According to the Old Testament
by Bryan D. Estelle
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Mass market paperback, 157 pages
Price: $12.99

Though simple enough for a child to grasp, the book of Jonah is an extremely subtle and complex work full of wonderful literary artistry mixed with many layers of meaning. This study presents the book of Jonah as part of the unfolding, unified story of redemption pointing to Christ.

Pastors, seminarians, and thoughtful readers interested in how the Old Testament points toward Christ will appreciate this new study of Jonah.

"In this section-by-section reading of Jonah, Estelle offer a valuable blend of insights into the ancient Near Eastern setting of the book, interaction with its literary and theological subtleties, and relevant contemporary insights. Above all, he presents Christocentric reflections throughout, guiding the reader to see 'the One who is greater than Jonah.'"—Michael Kelly

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