Salvation Series Flash-a-Card

Salvation Series Flash-a-Card

Publisher: A Beka Books
4th Edition, ©2013, Publisher Catalog #195073
Chart/Poster, 36 pages
Current Retail Price: $31.80
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No greater story has ever been told than of how Jesus sacrificed himself so we could spend an eternity with Him in Heaven. With the Salvation Series Flash-a-Cards, these 5 lessons and 36 pictures tell about the beauties of Heaven, the beginning of sin, the death and resurrection of Christ, and how to grow spiritually. A detailed lesson guide gives you content to teach, prompts for when to use the pictures, and review questions for each lesson. Use these fully colored flash cards to lead your child to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Sets without lesson guides will be priced accordingly.  Extra lesson guides may be purchased separately from A Beka.

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