Sally Clarkson

Sally and Clay Clarkson were married in 1981. They have four children-Sarah, Joel, Nathan and Joy-all educated at home from the beginning (the older three have graduated; Joy is still homeschooling). They currently live in Monument, Colorado, near Colorado Springs.

The Clarksons' mission in life is to encourage and equip Christian parents to build a biblical home and a godly heritage by nurturing, discipling, and educating their children at home. Together Sally and Clay produced their signature book Educating the WholeHearted Child.

About their ministry, the Clarksons say, "It has been our privilege since 1994 to minister to families across the United States and overseas, speaking for conferences, churches, organizations and groups that share our heart for strengthening families to follow God wholeheartedly. All of our ministry messages and materials emphasize the authority and teaching of God's word, and the biblical priority of home and family."

Sally grew up in Texas and New Mexico. She graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, where she majored in English and Speech. She became a Christian early in college, was actively involved in ministry, and joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ upon graduation in 1975. After discipling women on a large college campus, she spent three years living and ministering in Eastern Europe. Back in the states in 1980, Sally created and led ministries to executive women and single adults in Denver, Colorado.

Clay had been a friend and supporter of Sally's since 1975 when they joined Campus Crusade staff together. In 1980, Clay moved to Denver to attend Denver Seminary. Sally and Clay married a year later.

Sally remained active in ministry after their marriage and has been involved in several discipleship and teaching ministries to Christian and homeschooling mothers. Clay graduated from seminary in 1985 with an M.Div. (with honors) and served on the staff of the International Chapel of Vienna, Austria; worked with single adults and small groups in a large southern California church; and directed adult CE and led worship at a Bible church in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1993, he and Sally moved to family property near Fort Worth to begin Whole Heart Ministries.

Since that time Sally has written many books, including Seasons of a Mother's Heart. Since the late 1980s, Sally's speaking ministry has focused primarily on homeschooling, Christian parenting, and motherhood. Since 1995, Sally has presented the WholeHearted Child Home Education Workshop to thousands of families across the country. She has led annual WholeHearted Mother Conferences since 1998.

Discipleship is the heartbeat of Sally's life, whether it is in teaching and motivating other women, or in training and instructing her children. Through her books and speaking ministries, God has used Sally to bring encouragement and inspiration to mothers who desire to follow God's biblical design for their lives. All of her messages are filled with stimulating biblical instruction, touching personal anecdotes and illustrations, and wise spiritual insights born out of her own experience in life and ministry.

In addition to writing and speaking, Clay oversees and manages all aspects of the ministry. As a seasoned, seminary-trained Bible teacher, Clay's messages are characterized by sound biblical exposition, and the practical application of biblical truth to daily life. He has a heart for discipleship and training, and for communicating the many truths from God's word that strengthen parents, children, and families. Clay enjoys giving parents a clear biblical vision for their lives and for their children's lives, and then showing them practically and simply how to live out that vision day-to-day within their homes.

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