Redwall #5
by Brian Jacques
Publisher: Firebird Press
Mass market paperback, 354 pages
List Price: $9.99 Sale Price: $8.49

The inhabitants of Redwall relax in the haze of summer—but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged by the evil weasel army of Ferhago the Assassin. Worse still, Mara, beloved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the Fire Mountain, is in terrible danger. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and young Samkin embarks on an adventure that leads him to Mara. Can the good creatures triumph over the villainous Assassin?

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Exodus Rating
Flaws Animal warfare
Summary: The mighty badgers of Mount Salamandastron are in dire need of help, and the new wielder of Martin's sword is on the way.

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