Saint Jean-Marie Vianney

Saint Jean-Marie Vianney

Cure of Ars

by Margaret Trouncer
Publisher: Sheed & Ward
©1959, Item: 84967
Hardcover, 260 pages
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Pope Leo XIII called the Cure of Ars the religious glory of France.  Pope Pius XI made him the patron saint of all parish priests.  In his lifetime his fame as a spiritual director and miracle-worker spread throughout France, over the continent of Europe and to England and America.  He was born just before the French Revolution, and his sanctity was a reversal of al the standards of the God of Reason the revolutionaries worshiped.  After his death his influence extended into the future as a preparation for the ordeal which awaited Europe in two World Wars.

This biography relates the events of his everyday life and uses the accounts of those he know to paint a realistic picture of him and his great love for God and for his flock.

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