by Joseph Bruchac
Publisher: Harcourt
Hardcover, 200 pages
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Captured by her enemies, married to a foreigner, and a mother at age sixteen, Sacajawea lived a life of turmoil and change. Then in 1804, the mysterious young Shoshone woman known as Bird Woman met Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Acting as interpreter, peacemaker, and guide, Sacajawea bravely embarked on an epic journey that altered history forever. Hear her extraordinary story, told by Sacajawea and by William Clark, in alternating chapters and including parts of Clark's original diaries.

•Authentic telling by an American Book Award winner and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Native Writers Circle of The Americas

•Includes a black-and-white map showing Lewis and Clark's trail

•Told in the compelling voices of Sacajawea and William Clark—in alternating chapters—for two unique viewpoints

•Sacajawea was commemorated in the year 2000 with a U.S. Treasury dollar coin bearing her likeness

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