Sabre Jet Ace

Sabre Jet Ace

by Charles Coombs
Publisher: Purple House Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 211 pages
Price: $12.99

Sabre Jet Ace is a story based upon the military records and flying deeds of the world's first triple jet ace—Captain Joseph McConnell, Jr. This is Mac's story. But it is also the story of daring young airmen, fighting their battles high in the sky—of blazing machine guns—of planes falling in flames. Sabre Jet Ace is more than a war story of men and planes. It is a story of all brave men fighting for what is right and good—freedom. With more than 60 original illustrations by Rod Ruth.

Before Mac was a fighter pilot in the Korean War, he started his military career in the Army as a medic in World War II. You can read more about the life of medics in Medical Corps Heroes of WWII!

Capt. Joseph McConnell is pictured here in a photo from May 18, 1953, taken at Suwon Air Base, the day he shot down his three last MiGs on his final day in combat. In the photo to the right, F-86F Sabre fighter jets from the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing Checkertails, with which he was a Flight Leader, are readied for combat during the Korean War at Suwon Air Base. Photo credits US Air Force.

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