Runner in the Sun

Runner in the Sun

A Story of Indian Maize

Land of the Free Series
by D'Arcy McNickle, Allan Houser (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1954, Item: 87675
Hardcover, 234 pages
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Historical Setting: Mexico, Aztec culture

The vast peaceful expanse of America before the coming of the white man is D'Arcy McNickle's background for this finely wrought story of Indian life. The author re-creates the atmosphere and problems of the ancient cliff-dwelling settlements of the Southwest through full-bodied characterization and a plot alive with mystery and suspense.

Readers will follow in the footsteps of Salt, a teen-age boy being groomed to lead his people, who, as he grows to manhood, is accepted into the tribe and makes a life-and-death trek to the opulent cities of the ancient Aztecs in search of a hardier kind of Indian maize. Rich with Indian lore that is deftly woven into a taut, fast-paced plot, Runner in the Sun is an adventure, not only in good reading but into the history of a fascinating people nearly lost in the mists of history.

—From the dust jacket

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