Runaway Papoose

Runaway Papoose

by Grace Moon, Carl Moon (Illustrator)
1st Edition, ©1928, Item: 75259
Hardcover, 264 pages
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Nah-tee is a little black-haired Indian girl who lives in the Southwest where sunshine dances on the pueblo walls and makes yellow places where it is warm to play, and where the red buttes and stunted trees of the desert are shadowed by puffy little clouds.

And Nah-tee who runs away and gets lost on the great desert has all sorts of adventures. With Maya, her new-found friend, she rides across the desert to find her family. They are caught in a terrible storm, discover a deserted pueblo, and are rescued by Naybi, the old one, who gives Nah-tee a strange message to carry to the great pueblo on the mesa. But before she is able to carry that message and discover the big surprise in store for her, Nah-tee has the most amazing experience of all.

Grace Moon and her husband, Carl Moon who illustrates her books, have lived among rhw Indians in the Navajo country and Hopiland, and their books are real and human because they understand and love the Indians—the solemn old men as much as the gypsy-like little children. Just as in Chi-Weé and Chi-Weé and Loki, her first two books about Indian children, she makes the Indian life and the Indian boys and girls real to children everywhere.

—from the dust jacket

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