Rose Guide to the Temple

Rose Guide to the Temple

Publisher: Rose Publishing
Price: $29.99

Covers the entire history of the Temple in Jerusalem, from the time of Abraham to modern day.

Clear plastic overlays let you see inside the Temple and Tabernacle.

Full-color book with illustrations on every page. Many of these images cannot be found in any other Temple book.

24-inch-long fold-out poster of the Temple Mount over 2000 years by National Geographic.

Six time lines with more than 100 events from the time of King David to modern day.

Comparison of Three Full-Color Books on the Temple
Rose Guide to the Temple = Rose Guide
Splendor of the Temple = Splendor
Pictorial Guide to the Temple = Pictorial

  1. Rose Guide to the Temple has more pages and has 3 clear plastic overlays so you can see inside the Temple. Rose Guide has 140 pages + 3 clear plastic overlays; Splendor has 96 pages; Pictorial has 32
  2. Rose Guide has more images than the other two. Rose Guide has 156; Splendor has 75; Pictorial has 40
  3. Rose Guide to the Temple has 100 key keys events and people. Splendor has 20 events; Pictorial has no time line
  4. Rose Guide has cross section diagrams of the First Temple, Second Temple, and Dome of the Rock. The others do not have all three.
  5. Rose Guide has a full description of the First Temple. Rose Guide has 30 pages; Splendor has 1 page; Pictorial has 3 pages.
  6. Rose Guide has a diagram of the interior of the First Temple (Solomon s Temple). The others do not.
  7. All three books have excellent descriptions of the Second Temple (Herod s Temple at the time of Jesus). Rose Guide has 40 pages + a clear plastic overlay; Splendor has 79 pages; Pictorial has 16 pages.
  8. Rose Guide to the Temple has a diagram of the inside of the Second Temple. The others do not.
  9. Rose Guide has 20 pages on the history of the Temple Mount from AD 70 to modern day. Splendor does not include this. Pictorial has 4 pages.
  10. Rose Guide has two 24-inch Posters: Herod s Temple Messiah in the Temple and National Geographic s Jerusalem s Holy Ground
  11. Rose Guide has a diagram of the High Priest s garments with explanations. The other two do not.
  12. All three books contain information about Jesus in the Temple, the biblical feasts, and the sacrifices.
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