Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines

Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines

by Rose Publishing
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Spiralbound, 192 pages
Price: $34.99

Now you can have 180 pages of full color Bible charts, maps, and time lines in this full-color one-volume book containing:

  • 114 pages of full-color Bible charts featuring:
    • Bible Overview
    • Names of God
    • Books of the Bible
    • Christianity, Cults & Religions
    • Denominations Comparison
    • Jesus' Genealogy/Family Tree
    • Twelve Disciples
    • Islam and Christianity

  • 22 pages of time lines including:
    • Bonus: Bible Time Line 22" wide foldout
    • How We Got the Bible
    • Kings and Prophets
    • Christian History Time Line

  • 19 pages of "then & now" Bible maps and other accurate, full-color maps of Bible lands

  • 25 pages of colorful illustrations featuring:
    • Noah's Ark
    • The Tabernacle
    • Solomon's Temple
    • Herod's Temple
    • Jerusalem at the time of Jesus

  • Reproduce up to 300 copies for your church
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