Roots of English

Roots of English

Latin and Greek Roots for Beginners (Coordinated with Latina Christiana I)

by Paul O'Brien
Publisher: Memoria Press
Consumable Workbook, 191 pages
Price: $19.95

Roots of English is an introduction to English, designed for students as young as third grade, but it is also a great test prep program for older students planning on taking any test with a vocabulary section. Most of the Latin roots covered in this book correspond to the Latina Christiana I vocabulary set. The course also introduces Greek roots commonly found in English words. Words with Latin and Greek roots are longer and more difficult than the short words for ordinary objects that form the first layer of an English-speaking child's vocabulary. Their meanings are more nuanced, more specialized. In order to acquire these words and learn how to use them appropriately, a young student needs to understand the meanings of their roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

Roots of English presents careful analysis of these word elements so that the student learns not only the modern meanings of the words but also their underlying, ancient meanings. Context exercises and periodic quizzes help the student learn the correct and appropriate uses of these words. Roots of English may be used along with the Latina Christiana I Latin course. Roots of English is, in part, a presentation of the basic Latin roots introduced in Memoria Press' Book of Roots I, but with the addition of the basic Greek roots.

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