Roman Roads Reader: Nicene Christianity

Roman Roads Reader: Nicene Christianity

Age of Creeds and Councils

Publisher: Roman Roads Media
1st Edition, ©2015, ISBN: 9781944482015
Trade Paperback, 761 pages
Price: $22.00

Romans: Nicene Christianity introduces students to the creeds and councils of the early Church and the fascinating story of how they came about. Wesley Callihan guides students through Augustine’s Confessions and City of God, and selections from John Chrysostom, Athanasius, and Boethius. Learn how the late Roman Christians viewed themselves as the last remnants of Paganism fell, and the Christian defence mounted by Augustine against the accusations that Rome fell because she abandoned the Pagan gods. Learn how Athanasius influenced the Council of Nicea as the Church gathered to discuss the deity of Christ.


Some Works are Abridged

  • Athanasius - On the Incarnation 
  • Athanasius - The Life of St. Anthony
  • John Chrysostom - Paschal Homily
  • John Chrysostom - Baptismal Instructions
  • Basil the Great - On the Holy Spirit
  • Gregory Nazienzen - Funeral Oration
  • Augustine - Confessions
  • Augustine - City of God
  • Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy
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