Roman Roads Reader: Early Christianty

Roman Roads Reader: Early Christianty

Patristic Selections

Publisher: Roman Roads Media
1st Edition, ©2015, ISBN: 9780989702898
Trade Paperback, 761 pages
Price: $22.00

Romans: Early Christianity introduces students to the writings of the post-apostolic authors and their historical context. Learn about the persecutions of the early Christians and how they held fast to the faith as chronicled by the historian Eusebius. As the Church becomes more established, learn how early theologians defended the faith against various false doctrines, as was the case with Irenaeus, the Bishop of Lyon. Learn about the writings of The Apologists, Clement of Alexandria, and Justin Martyr, as well as one of the earliest Christian text after the close of the Canon, the Didache.


  • Unknown - Didachent
  • Clement of Rome - First Epistle of Clement
  • Ignatius - Letters of Ignatius
  • Polycarp - Letter to the Philippians
  • Athenagoras - Plea to the Philippians
  • Unknown - Epistle to Diognetus
  • Justin Martyr - First Apology
  • Irenaeus - Against Heresies
  • Clement of Alexandria - Exhortation to the Greeks
  • Eusebius - History of the Church
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