Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism

by Loraine Boettner
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Trade Paperback, 466 pages
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Since its publication in 1962, this informative volume has established itself as a classic treatment of traditional Roman Catholicism.

Dr. Boettner contrasts evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic doctrines, as well as the practical effects these two systems have had in people's lives. He shows that Protestantism was not a new system to arise at the time of the Reformation, but a return to New testament Christianity and the simplicity of the apostolic Church. Constant reference is made to scriptural teaching, and the material is presented in non-technical language that the average Christian can follow with ease.

Some of the major subjects Boettner discusses are: the church, the priesthood, tradition, Peter, the papacy, Mary, the mass, the confessional, purgatory, infallibility of the pope, penance, indulgences, salvation by grace, rituals, celibacy, marriage, the parochial school, contrasting moral standards, intolerance, and religious persecution. He also examines historical aspects and the relationship of Church and State.

Although there have been a number of changes in the Roman Catholic Church since this volume first appeared, Boettner's classic work remains an invaluable resource for understanding historic Roman Catholicism and its major teachings today.

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