Roger Hane

Roger Hane's illustrations can be appreciated within the realm of children's literature, as well as other literature, magazines, and music albums. Hane grew up in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where he was born 1939. In 1961 he graduated from Philadelphia Museum School of art with training in advertising design, which later garnered him many clients for business advertising. Hane began his professional career in 1963 when he was commissioned to create an illustration for Esquire magazine. Fanciful in nature, his work is also captured on the covers of a 1970 edition of The Chronicles of Narnia, among a vast cannon of other works of literature. Hane lived the remainder of his life in New York City with his wife, Elaine Miller, when he was tragically killed in Central Park in 1974. That same year the New York Artist Guild posthumously bestowed upon him the Artist of the Year award, and his alma mater now grants the Roger T. Hane Memorial award to top students.
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