Rod & Staff Spelling 7 - Teacher's Edition

Rod & Staff Spelling 7 - Teacher's Edition

Spelling By Sound & Structure
Hardcover, 148 pages
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The previous books in this spelling series concentrate on basic phonetic patterns. Beginning in Grade 7, the main emphasis shifts to another important factor that affects spelling, namely, the study of word elements--roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

These words elements are taught primarily to help students understand why words are spelled as they are. Knowing the meanings of roots and affixes will also be helpful in expanding the student's vocabularies, and many of the exercises are designed for that purpose. But it is good to remember that this is a spelling course first of all. How much and how strongly the meanings of the word elements should be emphasized is something that each teacher must determine for his own students. Learning to spell must be the primary emphasis throughout.

A large percentage of our common vocabulary is made of word elements that come from Latin. Therefore, the lessons in this book teach the meanings of numerous Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. This is the purpose of parts A and B of each lesson.

Each lesson also has two other parts. Part C is a review section that exercises phonetic and word-building concepts that are taught in earlier years of this course. (There is no part C in the six-week review lessons.) Part D is a section on the history of the English language. This part of each lesson explains some of the reasons for the modern spellings, pronunciations, and meanings of many English words.

In addition to parts A, B, C, and D, a Speller Dictionary has been included. This specialized dictionary has been condensed to fit the needs of the students as they do the exercises throughout the book; however, a classroom dictionary will also be needed. A good understanding of phonics, word elements, and the history of the English language should make a significant contribution to the spelling ability of the students.

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