Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable

by I. F. M., Johann David Wyss (Original author), 2 othersLucy Aikin, Mary Godolphin
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Hardcover, 112 pages
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When one has a good tale to tell, he should try to be brief, and not say more than he can help ere he makes a fair start; so I shall not say a word of what took place on board the ship till we had been six days in a storm.  The bark had gone far out of her true course, and no one on board knew where we were....

Thus opens this retelling of Swiss Family Robinson.  While the story is indeed composed of words of one syllable, do not expect a dumbed-down or simplistic story.  The writing is surprisingly creative, complex, and fun.


All the excitement, danger, heartbreaks and triumphs of this well known story, but without the big words. Lucy Aikin, an accomplished writer and writing as Mary Godolphin, accomplishes this with apparent ease in this little book. The story of a plucky family ship wrecked on a desolate island, saving what they can from the ship, is well known. The entire family, under the leadership of an intrepid father and mother works together to not only survive in this island, but actually prosper. This work would seem an excellent one for English as a second language speakers to improve their skill in English. (Summary by Phil Chenevert )


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