Robin Hood

Robin Hood

by Louis Rhead, Frank Godwin (Illustrator)
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Recounts the legend of Robin Hood, who plundered the king's purse and poached his deer and whose generosity endeared him to the poor.



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  1. Robin Hood—His Birth and Boyhood
  2. Why Robert Fitsooth Changed His Name
  3. Robin the Outlaw
  4. Robin Hood Fights Little John
  5. Will Gamwell Becomes Will Scarlet
  6. Robin Hood Wins the Golden Arrow
  7. How Robin Hood Met Friar Tuck
  8. Robin Meets Two Priests Upon the Way
  9. Allan-a-Dale Gets His Bride
  10. How Robin Hood Did Cheat the Tinker
  11. Little John and the Sheriff's Cook
  12. Robin Tries His Hand Selling Meats
  13. Robin Hood and Arthur the Tanner
  14. Robin and the Bishop of Hereford
  15. Robin Hood and the Beggar
  16. Robin Sells Pots and Dishes
  17. Robin and Sir Guy of Gisborne
  18. Robin Rescues Will Stutely
  19. Robin and Sir Richard o' the Lea
  20. Robin Meets Maid Marian
  21. King Richard Visits Robin
  22. Robin Wins the Queen's Prize
  23. Robin Pursued by the King
  24. Robin Rescues the Widow's Sons
  25. Robin Hood's Death and Burial


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